Spring Has Sprung!!!

Hello sunshine. Hello noisy birds. Hello open windows. I think I have woken up after a long winter’s nap. The winter wasn’t even that hard, but I missed the longer days.

While house renovations and visits to parents have kept me from weaving as much, I’ve been teaching a lot. This winter I taught a series on applying block weaves. Once a month for four months we met and I introduced a new block weave. I taught about the weave structure itself and then how to apply it to a profile draft. The students helped each other as they analyzed and applied new techniques. Some were inspired enough to go home and weave projects using the¬†information they learned. What a joy it has been. The last class will be on May 18, when we’ll wrap up what they’ve learned and consider how to continue to incorporate it into their weaving. We may even give birth to a study group.

I love teaching. I know I learn as much as my students. This series was especially fun as I watched the lights go on as students got the hang of profile drafting and block weaves. It’s so exciting to see them grow in their confidence as weavers.

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