Using Handwovens

I love using my handwoven items every day. There is something satisfying about picking up an item I have made and putting it to good use. Each piece I weave is designed with the end use in mind so having something functional when I finish weaving is important.

Unfortunately, when I give or sell towels to people, the towels are more likely to become small table runners, or to sit in a drawer. People tell me that the towels are just too pretty to use on dishes or hands. When I give a towel to another weaver, though, they are likely to use that sucker.

This year at Convergence 2018 in Reno, I participated in the towel exchange. We were given guidelines for final dimensions and type of fibers to use. Each participant wove 5 towels and brought the towels with them. In return, we went home with 5 new handwoven towels, each from a different weaver. Along with the towels, people shared instructions for how to reproduce their towel. What fun it was to weave and share towels.

Over 50 people participated in the popular event. I was excited by the towels I received and I got some good ideas for weaving more towels. There are plans for doing a similar exchange in two years at the next Convergence and I hope to join in again.

The towels I wove included overshot borders.

I loved the earth tones in these.

A little color can go a long way.

I love all that is going on in these towels.

These feature beautiful space dyed warp stripes.

These color changes are lovely.

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