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Hubby and I returned home this weekend from a wonderful vacation in Maine. What surprises me most this time is how refreshed and renewed I still feel, even after a few days of reentry. One day, Bill indulged in a nap in the car while I wandered through Halcyon Yarn in Bath. The family is used to me drooling over the yarns, paging through books and considering new weaving tools. This time was no different. I bought a copy of Oelsner’s Handbook of Weaves and the most recent issue of VAV Magazine.

Of course shopping isn’t what I most love about Maine. Besides visiting with my parents, my favorite pastime is kayaking. We spend so much time on the land looking out at the water and it’s such different perspective from the water looking at the land. Bill and I managed to find a seal watching us, as curious about us as we were about him. In shallow areas it’s possible to see through the clear water down to rocks and shells, sea grass and seaweed. The water acts as a medium to magnify what lies beneath.

I think my next series of scarves needs to be based on the water in Maine. It’s not bright blue like the Caribbean, but greenish brown and deep. I think I have just the right shade of tencel for the warp. Stay tuned for pictures.

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