Traveler’s Rest

It has been a busy summer of traveling, but the past few weeks have seen me settled down in the studio and getting ready for the fall Charlottesville Artisans Studio Tour. A pile of scarves waits on my dining room table ready to be washed. Another pile sits on the living room couch waiting for fringe to be twisted. More scarves are on the loom in the studio.

I have been throwing the shuttle daily, watching the thread unwind from the shuttle and dreaming up more designs. I wish my feet and hands could keep up with the ideas that stream into my head. There are always a bunch of “what ifs”. What if I tried these colors together? What if I tried treadling this pattern? What if I added stripes? That’s the joy of weaving–there never seems to be a lack of new ideas to try.

I will post pictures of the finished scarves soon, but in the meantime, I can’t resist taking pictures while they’re still on the loom. Here are a few offerings.

Snowflake In Iris Scarf

Streams In the Desert Scarf

Desert Stars Scarf



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  1. The only one world come in my mind MARVELOUS and marvelous!!!

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