Here you find pictures of some of my work. The photos are representative and not necessarily what I have in inventory now. To view my present inventory please go to my “Current Work” page.┬áIf you are interested in purchasing a piece, I’d love to talk with you about colors and sizes that interest you.


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  1. Mary Pat Wilson

    Ms. Duxbury,

    I saw your work at the Artisan Tour. I spoke with you briefly and I think I left my name and email address. I am interested in a blue scarf. You indicated when you changed your warps, you anticipated weaving more blue items.

    Please contact me when you have a chance to weave more of your beautiful scarves! Thank you.

    • admin

      Hi Mary Pat, thanks for contacting me. I have your email and will contact you when I have the next set of scarves done. It will probably be in a couple of weeks.

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